Agreement & design presentation: Dignité

Agreement & design presentation: Dignité

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jan 12, 2011
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Today marks the one-year anniversary of Haiti's devastating earthquake. While we wait for year-in-review reports from absolutely every organization working on the ground (including ours), and solemnly heed requests for respect on this day, we shouldn't overlook the ongoing (if less publicized) series of milestones being met by our efforts.

Design Fellow Schendy Kernizan and volunteer Gerry Reilly recently presented Mme Vivianne Vieux with the agreement and design for her two-classroom École Dignité expansion along the southern coast.

Schendy reports: "Meeting with Vivianne went very well, Gerry did a great presentation. Her comments and i quote 'you guys have gone beyond my dreams.' She is very excited, we reviewed the contract together and answered her questions. She is going to take it with her to review it with other members involved in the school before signing it."

Photos by Stacey McMahan, Architecture for Humanity