MakiBiz RFP - Fostering Proposals to Realities

MakiBiz RFP - Fostering Proposals to Realities

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jan 13, 2014
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The MakiBiz Request for Proposal (RFP) program is trucking along with 4 projects under construction, 2 completed, and 1 commencing at the end of the month! Read below to see what stage of transformation they're at:


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Updates / アップデート:

Tesuki-washi Ushiogami On December 12, the traditional ground breaking ceremony was preformed by a Shinto priest. "It is an event to join the beneficial power of the ever-renewing nature, realizing a world of peace and balance, aiming at justice and happiness, and creating a sense of safety and protection1." In attendance were all the members of Ushiogami, our design fellows and even a representative from the contractor. In wishing for a safe construction and project completion, all members followed the Shinto priest while purifying the areas within the damaged building with salt and sake.


Despite the heavy snow, work has been carrying on full speed. Demolition work is being done carefully to preserve the original structure, and concrete block has been laid, outlining the perimeter as well as to accommodate the new ADA toilet that will be installed. The concrete pour will continue this and next weeks. New windows are expected to arrive, driving construction to around to 50% completion!

雪が多く積もる中、施行は順調に進んでいます。解体作業は建物の構造に影響しないよう丁寧に行われ、既にコンクリートブロックは建物の周囲と新しいバリアフリーの化粧室の下に敷かれました。コンクリートは来週流し込まれ、来週末には窓が設置され施行が50%完了となります。1 -



Wakaba Kindegarten

On December 10, a comprehensive construction meeting took place. Among the topics discussed were the school opening schedule, location of security cameras, building process, and roofing details. The unique detailing of the tent material for the roof was also discussed. Discussions between the engineer and architect were held using a large scale model, to fine tune against potential high wind and snow load here.


The first two concrete foundation pours took place in late December and early January. Currently in the process of curing, still in motion! The ties are being adjusted to prep for the arrival of the beams, once in place construction will whizz on to completion.




Yamadai-Utsumi Suisan Insulation, exterior and interior walls, ceiling panels, doors, windows and lighting fixtures were installed in December, and on January 7, the building's scaffolding was removed revealing the building's facade for the first time. A new refrigerator and other equipment have been installed with electrical wiring and piping being installed at the time of our latest visit.


The project is scheduled for completion by January 25! 建設は1月25日竣工予定です!




Construction began on January 8, and is targeted for completion at the end of March.





Construction will begin at the end of this month, with targeted completion set for April.




Completed Projects / 竣工済プロジェクト

Yamayo Suisan

Construction finished at the end of September. The new plant is now up and fully operational.




Sasaki Tekko

The first phase has been completed, and with this the project has been completed.