Modular classrooms just got a whole lot smarter

Modular classrooms just got a whole lot smarter

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jan 16, 2013
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(Further coverage by FastCo.DESIGN)

One of our favorite "+" firms, Perkins+Will, announced last week the completion of a new kind of classroom.

The Sprout Space, formerly the PeaPod, was conceived in response to the 2009 Classroom Challenge hosted by Architecture for Humanity and the Open Architecture Network. Meeting criteria in sustainability and innovation, the design won the design competition's Relocatable Classroom Design category.

In other words, the category called for a 21st Century response to the ubiquitous and and underdesigned modular classroom unit. The Sprout Space is an affordable environmental response, designed "from the inside out."

"Every aspect of the Sprout Space classroom was designed with the goal of enhancing student learning," says Perkins+Will in a press release. "The design incorporates green building strategies which eliminate energy costs, create a healthier learning environment, and reduce construction costs."

For production of the units Perkins+Will partnered with distributor Triumph Modular and manufacturer Mark Line Industries. The unit is now available nationwide and will be displayed at the Washington, DC, National Building Museum as part of their Green School exhibition.

We can't wait to see it there. Until then, we'll have to content ourselves with these gorgeous concept renderings.

Render board 3

Plan diagrams

Sustainable board