Football for Hope's last center - number 20

Football for Hope's last center - number 20

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jan 16, 2014
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Our Football for hope program has been through some important moves these last months. We had to say goodbye to one of our wonderful project and at the same time get ready to start a brand new one. The Addis Football for Hope project has unfortunately been cancelled last December due to an impossibility to secure proper land. After 2 years of hard work and a lot of involvement it was a big disappointment for everybody. Despite all the time and efforts put by all the stakeholders involved, the land for the project never got secured and FIFA has had to take the difficult decision of cancelling the project. We are very sorry for this unfortunate situation and we would like to thank you everybody involved on the project especially the team at Sport - The bridge and Design Fellow Matthew Hughes for their tremendous work. We wish them the best for their future endeavors. As the campaign is "20 centres for 2010" a 20th center had to get built. The choice was made on having this center in South Africa, partnering with LoveLife as the center host. The Kimberley Football for Hope center will then be the last center of the campaign. Architecture for Humanity is pretty excited to embark on this new adventure as the project is just getting started, the initiation visit is scheduled at the end of the month and the team is getting sorted out. Stay tuned for more updates on the project.


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