Park for All: Building Mostly Complete!

Park for All: Building Mostly Complete!

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jan 17, 2014
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Most of the building for Park for All has been completed in Kamaishi. This edges the entire project toward completion in mid-February! You can look forward to an opening ceremony replete with community members, the entire project team, and treats and sake.


Scroll on below for a quick update on the project's progress this past month.



December 7 / 12月7日

The building is shaping up quickly. The interior framing's erected, insulation is beginning to fill the walls, and exterior panels were fixed in place, nearly competing the building envelope.


Building exterior nearing completion / 外壁の作業ももう少しで終了 Interior / 内装


December 14 / 12月14日

Construction is wrapping up and the building is nearing completion. The rest of the insulation is being installed and the finished walls are being hung. The deck is also coming along with the final vapor barrier being laid in place.


Progressing interior work / 着々と進む内装工事 Vapor barrier installed on the 2nd floor / 2階のデッキに防水層が敷かれました


December 21 / 12月21日

We're at 80% completion. The walls will be patched up, ready for lighting and plumbing fixtures to take their places, and the first floor deck will be installed next month. The best part begins to become decipherable as the field forms, with netting posts craned up, perched and ready for installation.


Building 80% completed / 建物の工事80%完了 Putting up posts for the net / 防球ネットの柱を設置中


January 11 / 1月11日

Almost there at 90% completion. Lit, plumbed and painted, the space begins to feel more and more inhabitable. In two weeks time, the first floor deck will be installed, and the building will inch closer to being ready to serve its eager users to enjoy the first pitch.


All efforts and anxious eyes fall on the field. Netting was hung and proper drainage will ensure the next baseball practice is puddle free.


Almost completed multi-purpose room / 完成間近の多目的室 Starting work on the field / グラウンドの工事が始まりました