Kalebuka Football for Hope Center Complete!

Kalebuka Football for Hope Center Complete!

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jan 02, 2014
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 LUBUMBASHI, Democratic Republic of Congo — in the extreme south of the Katanga Province the Kalebuka Football for Hope center is up and running full speed ahead. Open now for 3 months, it has quickly become the new community hub for the village. The new center is used for social and educational gatherings, such as English and French classes for women, and of course the many games taking place on and off the pitch. In December, Delphine Luboz, Program Coordinator with Architecture for Humanity performed the final site inspection prior to final completion. In her own words, the project is looking very good! Overview of the center and pitch Architecture for Humanity meeting with the local team in the center The classroom which will soon be the first computer room of the village The center is run by the Georges Malaika Foundation, which also runs a nearby school for the girls. This center's activities focuses on educational and social equity programming for teenage and adult women in the community of Kalebuka, a poorly developed village on the outskirts of Lubumbashi. During the visit, a tree planting workshop with the youngsters was organized on the project site. Donated by NBBJ, the children planted close to 30 trees that will not just provide an outdoor place of beauty, but will also provide much needed shading, help retain soil structure and reduce erosion as well as filter strong, seasonal winds. A future planting will take place in the new year with the addition of numerous fruit trees on the property. Learning how to plant a little tree while making a big impact Wishing you a happy New Year from Kalebuka!

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