Haiti Strategy Session: All systems go...

Haiti Strategy Session: All systems go...

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jan 21, 2011
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Just left Haiti following our team strategy meeting. Still on track but will need to focus and staff up to meet our goals. Continuing to keep the focus of our work limited to supporting the local design and construction community; schools, schools, schools; and urban planning of commercial corridors (factories, dry cleaners, hairdressers). In other words, keeping our focus on education and livlihoods.

Maintaining our focus is a constant challenge. With the political upheaval, the ground shifts underfoot. Every project has the potential to change lives, but not all will go ahead, often hard to evaluate what makes a project feasible in the circumstances we face. We're sticking to our basic four: client, site, funding, professional fit. Will continue to focus on referring projects to local architects and firms. Also a challenge as they are busy too.

On the way out the porter at the airport asked me for my hand sanitizer. I normally don't support black market activities. This time i gave it to her. People are dying of cholera. The process to rebuild is marching ahead, but never fast enough to keep pace.

Thanks to the team for all they do each day.