Kitakami "We Are One" center passes final inspection Christmas Day

Kitakami "We Are One" center passes final inspection Christmas Day

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jan 08, 2013
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Originally posted on Students Rebuild

As anticipated, the Kitakami Market was inspected on Christmas Day–and provisionally approved! (Provided, that is, that the old temporary market be removed–see below). Everyone at the inspection was very happy about the project, and Ms. Sato is especially excited to get everything moved in by the middle of the month.

Reporting from the unwavering Akinobu Yoshikawa, from the Market's project page:

Architect and owner inspection was held on a snowing Christmas afternoon. Contractor gave a thorough tour in and around the building, answering to all of the questions the owner had. The contractor was also kind enough to donate the gravel around the building at the last minute, providing a leveled clean frontage to the building perimeter.

The owner was completely delighted with the outcome saying "This building is more than I could ever have imagined. I deeply thank all the workers for their hard work."

Group shot (Aki is in front on the left)

Finished market

Finished Kitchen

Finished Youth Center

Finished Multipurpose Room

The building went through a building inspection upon completion, and
will fully pass once the temporary shop is removed from the property
(the law prohibits two separate building in one registered site). Currently the temporary shop is closed until the move to the new shop is completed. The owner plans to move all the equipment and goods from the temporary shop by mid January.