Why You Love it. Part 1

Why You Love it. Part 1

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Feb 14, 2012
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Dozens of emails have arrived this morning since we kicked off our I Love Architecture initiative. Here is just a sample of the love...

I Love Architecture...

"...because the study and practice of architecture is a way to inquire deeply about how we act and how we want to be with one another and with our environment."
Karen L Nelson, Head, School of Architecture, Boston Architectural College

"...ever since I can remember. As a little girl, I’ve always been fascinated by architecture and living spaces. From make-shift tree houses to my visits of complex French cathedrals, I like the idea of the handcrafting and making of spaces and homes"
Emmanuelle Ichaye-Anum

"...because it's based on engineering, which is based on science, which explains how the world works."
Bill Leighty

"...because the creative process is the closest to God…and creating spaces that hold life and all that it entails is the ultimate expression of love."
Gary Radzat

"...because it provokes consideration of, and conscious effort toward, our vast human potential."
Bob Karas

"...because we are allowed and encouraged as a profession to actually improve the quality of life for our clients and communities."
Leslie Smith

"...because architecture is one of the richest and most fundamental expressions of instinctive human nature. The art and craft of the profession lie deeply rooted in the innate desire to create. The spaces we make are a vital part of our daily lives and an essential part of life for those who inhabit them."
Fadi Sheikh-Khalil

"...the way it breathes, and soars, and oozes of delight...The soft textures & rich colors that spark the imagination..."