Homeless World Cup Legacy Center - RFP Finalists and Honorable Mentions Announced

Homeless World Cup Legacy Center - RFP Finalists and Honorable Mentions Announced

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Feb 15, 2010
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After receiving over 35 qualified proposals for the Homeless World Cup Youth and Women's Leadership Center in Santa Cruz, Rio de Janiero, Brazil, the selection committee is please to announce the following five finalists and five honorable mentions. Thank you for all of the intelligent and beautiful submissions, we recognize good design in all of the proposals.

Architecture for Humanity, Homeless World Cup, Bola pra Frente, and Nike representatives have reviewed all of the entries for the most effective, empowering, integrated, sustainable, innovative, organized and beautiful solution for the Youth and Women’s Leadership Center of Santa Cruz, Brazil.

We received qualified proposals from both Local Architectural teams (Architect of Record, licensed in Brazil) and Design Fellow (a Liaison between the Community Partners and Local Architectural Team). Depending on the team and solution this may be one and the same.

Thank you to all participating designers.

| Finalist |

Youth and Women's Leadership Center
Team: Lomapreta Nolte Arquitetos with NE Arquitetura

| Finalist |

Youth and Women's Leadership Center
Team: Elizabeth Añaños and Daniel Feldman

| Finalist |

Team: Cassio Orlandi Sauer & Elisa Toschi Martins

| Finalist |

Team: Campo

| Finalist |

SCRJ Legacy Center & Stadium
Team: Keith Kaseman & Julie Beckman, KBAS LLC

| Honorable Mentions |

Youth and Women's Leadership Center
Team: Edson Mahfuz

Social Harvester - a New Catalyst for Santa Cruz
Team: Antonio Pedro Coutinho, Jamille Coelho Barbosa

Youth and Women's Leadership Centre in Santa Cruz, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Team: Gonçalo Antunes de Azevedo, co-authors: Luis Afonso, Ingrid Murer

Podemos! Kick-Starting Community Growth
Team: Alloy Studio Works, Kwei Cheng Chang, Nicolas Koff, Alex Muller, Vincent Leugn, Gabriel Sosa

The Sombra Stadium
Team: Randy Shear: Sheardesigns and Claudia Peres Maggiani

| Partners |

About Architecture for Humanity
Architecture for Humanity is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that seeks architectural solutions to humanitarian crisis and brings design services to communities in need.

About our partners:
Nike GameChangers
believes in the power of sport to unleash potential and actively identifies the sporting heroes of tomorrow; young athletes who use sport to beat the issues that they care about most.

The Homeless World Cup Foundation uses football to encourage and energise people who are homeless to change their own lives. Currently it works with football programmes in over 70 nations reaching 40,000 homeless players every year with an ambition to engage one million players with the benefits of football by 2012.

Organização Civil de Ação Social (OCAS) is a non-profit enterprise that promotes the citizenship and empowerment of homeless and socially vulnerable people in Brazil. The organization is now working in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to address critical social problems and a high incidence of homelessness. The OCAS street paper has been an opportunity for homeless and socially vulnerable people to make an income through the selling of a bi-monthly magazine.

Bola Pra Frente is a non-profit project which aims to stimulate learning, literacy and leadership to the youth of Rio de Janiero both in the classroom and through the organized team sports and self expression.