February 2012: I Love Architecture

February 2012: I Love Architecture

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  • Feb 17, 2012
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We Love Architecture, and it's about time we get on a newly-completed rooftop, cup our hands to our mouths and let the world know. Or do the symbolic equivalent online.

This week we launched a campaign to raise awareness for our erstwhile self-deprecating profession. If you're an architect/fan you've likely noticed our hashtaging and re-timelining (or whatever) and have caught wind of the new Tumblr accumulating graphic odes to our dear global metropoles. #iLoveArchitecture

Maybe we're being carried by the momentum of an exciting new program. Architecture for Humanity and the American Institute of Architects recently announced a major strategic partnership that will expand the industry commitment to disaster assistance and long-term reconstruction: architectsrebuild.org

We're looking forward to a great year with our partners and local colleagues bringing it back to Architecture.

The Architecture for Humanity Team

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Unrestricted Heritage

To date we've profiled 22 precedent converted bases - from eco communities to massive mixed use shopping complexes. We know heritage aspects of these sites should be held in high regard, but are confident our entrants will turn out incredibly sensitive designs. Eight weeks remain join the convers[at]ion.

Email us to be added to the Challenge newsletter, send pictures of bases in your 'hood or submit inquiries.

First Round of Jury members Announced (one more round to come):

Oh, and did we mention free entry for paid chapter members?

Facebook - @afh_challenge #OAC11 Enlist.


Congratulations SEED Award Winners!
Three design teams were recognized by the 2012 Social Economic Environmental Design (SEED) competition. Maria Auxiliadora School in Ica, Peru, was named one of three international winners. The Kimisagara Football For Hope Center in Kigali, Rwanda, and Fresh Moves Mobile Market in Chicago, USA, were named honorable mentions.

Build Back Better Tohoku progress

Competition winners Oshika House and Akahama Covered Alley are on the roll. Phase one of the alley, connecting hillside "temporary" residential units, was completed on January 6, 2012. The Oshika House is barreling through Design Documentation.

Students Rebuild and Sendai Youth Collaborate for a 'Better

Last month Sendai Train Station unveiled the collaborative 100,000 paper crane sculpture 10 months in the making through the student-driven Gift by Gift for a Better World charrette. The press coverage of the event has been widely identified as "beyond adorable."

Haiti: Building A Strong Future

Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger, Montrouis COMPLETE
On Friday, Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger, Montrouis finished construction. The metal work, and more strikingly the (cumbersome) paint job, have been completed, the edges have all been rounded and Haiti Design Fellow Gerry Reilly came back from the last site inspection with a show-and-tell. Check it out.

A Story of Youth in Action
Students Rebuild has also released the 30-minute documentary following the efforts to raise schools in Haiti. Meet all the players from the first Students Rebuild Challenge on Facebook and Twitter, then join the Humanitarian Crises Challenge.

Nike GAMECHANGERS Fund // Nike Better World
Manhattan Bridge Skatepark: Design Sneak Peek!
We've got a sneak peek of the design for the redesigned/reconstructed Manhattan Bridge Skatepark, located in NYC's Coleman Oval Park. The park is set to open this Spring! The skatepark was made possible by a GAMECHANGERS grant awarded to community partner (and pro skater-turned-board shop owner) Steve Rodriguez.

Football for Hope

Rwanda and Ghana centers opening soon
We are very pleased and honored to announce the practical completion of our Football for Hope centers in Rwanda and Ghana. Both of the centers are completed and awaiting the very last details for the Center Hosts to move in. Both projects are a unique example of how a thoughtful design and attention to materials and details can create beautiful buildings empowering their communities.

Thank you to our amazing Design Fellows Killian Doherty and David Pound


Our chapters are busy as ever, initiating various projects around the world. Coming up, our Tokyo chapter will be participating in its third panel discussion centered around the reconstruction process of the tsunami-devastated region of Tohoku. This latest forum will focus on capacity/leadership building and community empowerment. Also learn about one of this chapter's new projects, Public Bath House rebuilding effort for a temporary housing community.

The Auckland chapter has selected its finalists in the Campus Unlimited design competition. Check out the amazing entries.

And our Chicago chapter is proud to launch the ACTIVATE! design competition to repurpose public space in their city.  How do you imagine $1000 to create new public space? Entries deadline is February 29th.

If you're in beautiful Seattle, get involved with the local chapter. Their upcoming Food Cart competition is seeking creative solutions.

We LOVE the graphics entries associated with our "I love Architecture" campaign! A big thanks to all who have submitted a design on behalf of their chapter city. So keep telling us why you love architecture here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ilovearchitecture and be on the lookout on how you can be directly involved around this PSA campaign on Valentines Day!


San Francisco Construction Contracts Manager, Volunteer: Campaign Support, Volunteer: Data Support, Volunteer: Haiti Program (in SF), Volunteer: Tohoku Rebuilding Program, Volunteer: Film Editor , Volunteer: Open Architecture Challenge

Port-au-Prince Development Director, Construction Contracts Manager, Construction Manager, Haiti Team Structural Engineer, Directeur/Planification et
, Volunteer  

Sendai Design Fellow: 日本

Rio de Janeiro / San Francisco Intern: Nike Gamechangers


A huge welcome to our new Development Director Christina Weber and Operations Director Dan Shine. We're also psyched to include new volunteers among our ranks: Stephanie Easton, Model Maker Volunteer from San Francisco; Mari Krakenes, Haiti Volunteer from Oslo; Norway; Ayesha Ghosh, Students Rebuild Volunteer from San Francisco; Kristen Schlott, Web Team Volunteer from San Francisco; Bisi Obateru, HQ Volunteer from Nigeria; and Ibby Hartley, SF Chapter Volunteer from San Francisco.

Team Haiti is delighted to welcome back rockstar volunteer Tommy Stewart to his fifth tour of duty. Tommy brings a wealth of experience and planning know how to our team. Brian Wolford recently started as our new GIS Specialist. Christian Beaulieu and Stephen Sun both joined out design team. We are also happy to host Michael Calkins, from CAD-1, who is running CAD and BIM training for Haitian students and professionals.

In other news, Architecture for Humanity Program Coordinator Alix Ogilvie and our Head of Education Outreach Nathaniel Corum are working with the students from Barcelona on Rio Floods workshop. They'll be in Brazil on-site with the international Masters in Emergency Architecture group for related site work (and caipirinhas, *cough, cough*) through the next few weeks. More info on the student workshop thus far include the Architecture for Humanity project: Rio Floods Disaster Recovery and the Student Workshop: Post-flood Sports.


Architecture for Humanity's Weekly Design Open Mic (open house) Who: You | When: Every Wed., 12 -1 pm | Where: 848 Folsom Street, Suite 201, San Francisco

Metals in Construction: Facades Conference When: February 16-17, 2012 | Where: Pratt Manhattan Campus, 144 W 14th St, New York

Worldchanging Trip to the Galapagos Islands When: March 3-10, 2012 | Where: Galapagos Islands

Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE! 2012 When: November 12-13, 2012 | Where: Autodesk Gallery, 1 Market Street #200  San Francisco, CA 94105 - Interested in sponsoring? Contact us!

A big thank you to Rod Weaver of AM architectural + product model fabrication, who is donating his time and workshop to mentor interns here at Architecture for Humanity headquarters in the art of bass wood model building.