Guerrilla Green: Meet Your TOP 10 Finalists!

Guerrilla Green: Meet Your TOP 10 Finalists!

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Feb 19, 2013
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We all know today's youngest generation gets a lot of heat for being brought up in such a tech focused world. Constantly, we hear that they are lazy, unmotivated and, unlike generations before, refuse to do anything other than sit in front of a screen. But here's a question, how can we expect otherwise, when all they have been offered is exactly what they are criticized for?

We decided to answer this with another question:
Given the proper motivation and support, what is this underestimated generation capable of?

The response to this counter-ask came in the form of ideas, from teens all across the United States. School being their most vital environment, we challenged students to come up with ways to better their learning spaces, in the eco-friendliest of fashions.

On Friday, February 15, we announced the Guerrilla Green Round 1 Finalists, consisting of 10 of our favorite ideas, out of the many we recieved. From finding use for wasted fountain water to creating new means of energy, these 10 ambitious teams are here to prove that they are more than just a generation of digital viewers.


{eight regional, two wildcard}


1. Bio-Reactor for Algae and Kelp, Pennsylvania

2. Niskayuna Aquaponics, New York


1. Clint Small Green Roof, Texas

2. The Thirsty Fountain, Florida


1. Solar Franklin, Indiana

2. Community Kitchen, Illinois


1. #swagspot, California

2. Water Conservation, California


1. Pure Zephyr, Florida

2. Aquafina Elimination, Massachusetts

CONGRATULATIONS, again, to our amazing Top 10!

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