Tohoku Update - February 2014

Tohoku Update - February 2014

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Feb 21, 2014
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Many regions around the world, including Japan have seen record amounts of snow in recent weeks. With certain regions being hit by the biggest snow storm seen in decades, some cities are being affected heavily. We hope everyone is doing well despite this abnormal weather! 今年は世界中、そして日本全国でも例年にない大雪が続いていますが、みなさんお元気ですか。 This month with our Tohoku program has been deeply engaged in our projects, all of which are quickly moving forward! Continue on below to read more. 全てのプロジェクトが着々と進み、とても足早に2月も過ぎていっています。下記のレポートより各プロジェクトの進捗をご覧下さい。 In this update: 今月のアップデート: Cold weathers are projected to continue. Stay warm and take care! まだまだ寒さが厳しいですが、くれぐれもご自愛ください。 Best, Architecture for Humanity アーキテクチャー・フォー・ヒューマニティ Japanese Holidays and Events coming up in March:
3月の祝日・行事 March 3: Hina Matsuri (Doll's Festival) This day celebrates girls, with its purpose being for families to wish their daughters a successful and happy life. More info about Hina Maturi can be found here. March 14: White Day This event comes one month after Valentine's Day, where men return the favor received from women on Valentine's day, by gifting them back cakes or chocolate. Read more about this event here . March 23: Shunbun no hi (Vernal Equinox Day) This national holiday was established in 1948 on the Vernal Equinox, as a day for the admiration of nature and the love of living things.

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*As always, we hope you enjoy seeing where your support has taken this program, and our doors are always open for feedback.  皆様のサポートのおかげで成し遂げられた成果を楽しんで読んで頂ければ幸いです。もし何か改良点などコメントがありましたら遠慮なく仰ってください。

UPDATES / アップデート

Paper-making at Tesuki-washi UshiogamiMakiBiz Request for Proposal Program / まきビズ『よりよい東北を』東日本大震災被災中小企業支援プロジェクト

The MakiBiz Request for Proposal (RFP) program has been supporting the rebuilding of 7 small businesses and entrepreneurs affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. This month we are excited to announce two new projects to the program!

Read about where all our projects are, including an intro to our two new projects here!



Click on images below to see each project's OAN page!

current baseball team members in front of completed buildingPark for All / 釜石みんなのひろば

This project has been completed!

On February 3, Toyo Ito and his office staff came from Tokyo to to inspect the completed building. While there are a few minor issues to be resolved, overall they were pleased with the project.

We are now discussing with Kamaishi City officials about the building management and usage, as well as when to hold the next workshop to bring the dirt to the 2nd floor bullpen. We're excited to give children access to the entire space in the very near future!

See more pictures on our project page.





UokenMakiBiz Client In-Take / まきビズ支援状況

MakiBiz has supported 150 business owners since its office opened in November 2012. Information about our clients along with other MakiBiz updates can be found here.


EVENTS & NEWS / イベント&ニュース

MakiBiz SeminarMakiBiz Business Seminar Kick off Event: Using Design to Expand Your Market / 【デザインによる販路拡大ゼミ】Kick off Event ~販路拡大のためのデザインの使い方?~

On February 26, MakiBiz will be holding a free business seminar (Japanese only) on how to use design to expand your market. Look forward to a report on this seminar!


日付:2014年2月26日(木) 18:30~20:00

お申込・問合先:アーキテクチャー・フォー・ヒューマニティ まきビズ 担当:加納
Tel: 0225-98-7654

United Nations Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP) Youth Leadership Programme Visits Ishinomaki

On January 25 - 26, the Youth Leadership Programme at UNOSDP made a visit to Ishinomaki, to interact with youth in the tsunami affected areas. For this portion of their trip, our Japan regional office, MakiBiz coordinated their two-day program on behalf of the Japan camp organizer, Jigoro Kano Memorial International Sport Institute. Read about their stay in Ishinomaki here.

国連開発と平和のためのスポーツ局(UNOSDP)は第8回UNOSDPユースリーダーシップキャンプの一環として25日と26日の2日間、被災地を訪問するために石巻を訪れました。石巻滞在中、アーキテクチャー・フォー・ヒューマニティのまきビズスタッフがキャンプの日本主催者である嘉納治五郎記念国際スポーツ研究・交流センターと協同で彼らを案内しました。この2日間のレポートをa href="" target="_blank">こちらでご覧下さい。

Mention in a Guardian article on the Reconstruction of Tohoku In an article published on January 27, Senior Design Fellow, Akinobu "Aki" Yoshikawa, and one of our Tokyo Chapter coordinators, Christian Dimmer, talked about the current state of reconstruction in Ishinomaki. Read more here.


Globalgiving Campaign coming soon! / 第3回グローバルギビング・マッチングキャンペーン

On the three year anniversary on March 11, GlobalGiving will be hosting a donation matching event. Beginning at 12:00am on March 11 (JST), all donations made through GlobalGiving to our program page will be doubled up to $1,000 per donation, while funds last! If possible, we would greatly appreciate your support at this time. Stay tuned for more information and campaign details to come!




In Progress


CA Construction Administration / 施工管理; CD Construction Documents / 実施設計図; DD Design Development / 基本設計; SD Schematic Design / 基本デザイン; PD Pre-Design /  デザイン構想- About the Phases(英語のみ)