Post-Flood Rebuilding in Pakistan Underway

Post-Flood Rebuilding in Pakistan Underway

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Feb 23, 2011
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At the end of last year Architecture for Humanity began working alongside two Pakistani organizations to assist in post-flooding disaster construction. We are pleased to report that training and building workshops for these recipients have already begun. This initiative was made possible through generous funding from individuals and companies and a partnership with the Heritage Foundation, our Karachi Chapter and the Karachi Relief Trust.

Program One
The Heritage Foundation, founded by Pakistan’s first woman architect Yasmeen Lari, has taken its GreenKaravanGhar initiative to the northern area of the Sindh Province. The Heritage Foundation Grant Program will be focusing on building low carbon footprint, low-cost nucleus houses. Making use of indigenous materials and the involvement of community members, these homes can be built over an 8-day construction time line.

Completion Date: June 2011.
Beneficiaries: 500

Program Two
Our local Karachi Chapter is collaborating with the Karachi Relief Trust in construction efforts in the southern part of the Sindh Province. Two villages, Nodo Baran and Goth Angario, will benefit from the building of communal spaces, planting of indigenous crops and water sanitation infrastructure. These villages were identified by the group because they were heavily damaged by the floods.

Completion Date: July 2011.
Beneficiaries: 375