Happy Hearts Fund & SURA's school rebuilding program

Happy Hearts Fund & SURA's school rebuilding program

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  • Feb 08, 2012
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Reported by Diego Collazos

The school rebuilding program starts 2012 with great impulse as the Divino Jesus School in Peru and Sumate’s School in Lota-Chile will both start construction any time soon. Also there is a good [prospect of an agreement] with the educational authorities in order to transfer the program to Veracruz in Mexico, a region that is constantly affected by floods and extreme rain.

However on a sad note, the 30th of January a strong earthquake in Ica affected the houses of over 200 people and collapsed the city’s drainage system. Although no other major material losses were reported and only minor injuries were presented among the population; the disaster highlighted the deficiencies of a proper earthquake response as it was estimated that 35,000 people in Ica only are still living in inappropriate housing conditions as a result of the 2007 earthquake.


As a result of the design process, which highlighted the importance of the community's participation during the design and construction stages, the Maria Auxiliadora School is honored with the “Social Economic and Environmental Design” Award sponsored by Design Corps.

The award means that the project has been considered to obtain a SEED certification and will be presented at the 2012 Structures For Inclusion conference taking place in Austin the 24th - 25th of March.

For more, information, photos and data regarding this school please check the Maria Auxiliadora School project page.


After a long design development stage including many bureaucratic obstacles, the construction for the school in Lota is entering the final tender stages and the bid to select the most appropriate contractor is under way.

Thanks to Danilo Frias director of Sumate (local partner) for all his hard work and impulse in order to develop such an exciting project. The quality of the school design is flawless and it is expected to be one of the most impressive projects developed by the JV benefiting many children and teens in one of the most underprivileged areas of Lota.

For more, information, photos and data regarding this project please check the Lota school project page.

All images by Diego Collazos