Announcing the next GAMECHANGERS (part 2)

Announcing the next GAMECHANGERS (part 2)

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Mar 10, 2011
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Architecture for Humanity and Nike are excited to announce two more of the final GAMECHANGERS Sports Micro-Venture Fund grant recipients -- supporting the construction of sports facilities and programs that empower the community, using sport as a mechanism to spur social change and/or economic development.

And, there are about 1-1/2 weeks to enter the Copa Arquitectura. Get your prisma colors out and design a small youth football (soccer) facility for less than $45,000 USD. $5000 in awards + stipends and your ideas built in Argentina later this year.

WINNER | Vida Corrida
Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Architecture for Humanity and Nike do Brasil are proud to partner with Associação de Moradores da Cohab Adventista 1 to design and construct a new community resource and recreation center in Capão Redondo, São Paulo, Brazil. The new center will house the neighborhood organization and Corredores do Parque Santo Dias who operate Vida Corrida - a program where women and children develop leadership through sport. Stay tuned for updates as we work throughout 2011, to design and build a new home for these gamechanging endorphin addicts.

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WINNER | Games in Lost Heavens
Location: Ganhaizi village, China

This micro-grant will support Habitat for Humanity China's work in Ganhaizi -- a remote village in a mountainous region (know as "the Lost Heavens" -- a district with one of the largest Miao minority ethnic populations in China. They will build an exterior basketball court, and spectator seating -- providing a community hub for socializing, events, and the favorite activity of Ganhaizi's children and elderly alike - basketball.

Stay tuned as the basketball court and games come to life in the coming months.

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