How will your city's architects respond to a disaster event?

How will your city's architects respond to a disaster event?

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Mar 12, 2012
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In a strategic partnership with the American Institute of Architects, we're pleased to launch micro grant opportunities for Architecture for Humanity chapters and AIA components. Under this program, we'll coordinate advocacy, education and training to ensure that architects make effective contributions to communities before, during and after a disaster event.

Define the role architects in your community will play in the response to a disaster event and submit your application to Architectsrebuild starting today.

Here are key points related to this grant opportunity:

  • There must be a demonstration of need and a detailed explanation of how your plan involves the participation of architects at the state and local level.
  • The website includes an introduction to the overall partnership program and grant program, Resources, the Application and Guidelines. Note that updates of training events, lectures, etc. will be posted on the site on a regular basis over the course of the next months.
  • To view the application, you must register by creating a user account. This will allow the user to submit their application and save/edit it, if needed.

    The dates to remember are:

  • March 12, 2012 – May 14, 2012: Grant application process period
  • May 15, 2012 – June 11, 2012: Jury review period
  • June 18, 2012 - Announcement of the Grant recipients

    Architecture for Humanity chapters are encouraged to reach out to local AIA components and submit a joint application. We look forward to receiving your proposals in the support of developing and implementing an architect-driven disaster plan.