Haiti Quake Appeal: Immediate Needs

Haiti Quake Appeal: Immediate Needs

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Mar 18, 2010
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Currently our field team are looking to fill the following immediate needs urgently. If you can help, please email:


1) Diesel SUV (any brand, Toyota easist to repair and maintain in Haiti)
2) Creole/French Speaking Design Fellows. Please see the design fellow opportunity This is a great opportunity to give back and be a part of the long-term recovery effort.
2) Structural Engineers (on-going). Please sign up to volunteer if you are interested.
3) House Share: We're considering renting house if you are working in the area and want to share accomodation please contact us. We can let you know what the rates would be. Email: haitivolunteer(@)architectureforhumanity(dot)org

Want to get updates on the work in Haiti? Email: haitivolunteer(@)architectureforhumanity(dot)org

That's all for now.