Architecture for Humanity's Plan to Support Reconstruction in Japan (in Japanese and English)

Architecture for Humanity's Plan to Support Reconstruction in Japan (in Japanese and English)

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Mar 18, 2011
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How will Architecture for Humanity support reconstruction efforts in Japan?
No formal plan has been finalized as most individuals on the ground, and in areas affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, are operating in crisis mode. As days and weeks pass and the situation in Japan becomes more clear, Architecture for Humanity will help bring professional design services to under-served communities.

Specifically we will: 

- Support local professionals on the ground to perform damage assessments and provide technical expertise to local agencies to expedite the reconstruction of safe, sustainable housing.

- Provide financial assistance to allow community groups to engage local professionals in rebuilding the cultural and historic fabric of communities.

- Support community groups and local professionals in the planning and rebuilding of civic infrastructure for those that could not otherwise afford their services such as health care centers, daycare facilities, senior centers, arts centers, etc.

Who is Architecture for Humanity currently working with on the ground in Japan?
Headquarters has been in regular contact with pro bono professionals and Architecture for Humanity volunteers living in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo and are in communication with the Japan Institute of Architects.

When will these grants be disbursed?
Architecture for Humanity supports long-term reconstruction. As the relief effort progresses, we will work with professionals and community groups to identify meaningful projects that reach the under-served. The nature of long-term reconstruction means it maybe several years before the work is complete.
(Image: ukushima Minpo/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images)