Haiti Digest: March 2014

Haiti Digest: March 2014

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Mar 24, 2014
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HIGHLIGHT: Architecture for Humanity Participates in Haiti "FUN"

On Monday March 10th the Architecture for Humanity Haiti planning team participated in the first national urban forum held in Haiti, Forum Urbain National (FUN) 2014 initiated by Le comité Interministériel d’Aménagement du Territoire (CIAT). This Forum follows the Urban Regional Forums of the Greater South and of the Greater North, which took place earlier this year with participants from leaders and stakeholders in urban development representing: policy makers, professionals, private sector, urban operators, academic sector, voluntary sector and citizens.

With the majority of the country’s population now living in cities, the goal of the event was to establish a shared vision and understanding of the existing and projected urban issues, to then lay the groundwork for a unified Haitian policy.

Architecture for Humanity lead the "FUN" group through the Villa Rosa project, for the "Rehabilitation Urbaine" site visit of several implemented priority projects that were outlined by the community in our action plan and executed by United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) (See map of guided visit). Participants included architects and planners, NGO representatives such as GRET and CONCERN, and students of the "University of Quisqueya" and the "Faculte des Sciences."

The Forum Urbain National is set to continue for the week of March 10th to March 17th with several planned activities (site visits, conferences, and technical workshops), please see this link for a schedule of the Forum.

a former trash dump site, transformed to a public space (hover over image for before and after) "FUN" group team photo on the "rehabilitation urbaine" site visit Architecture for Humanity leads the walk through the city, visiting various sites


New: Grand Ravine Leadership Program

The Grand Ravine Team is initiating a program in the schools to reach out and inspire the future leaders of communities. We are working with each of the eight Grand Ravine schools targeting ten year old students, who in 30 years will be the community leaders. By planting the seeds of community planning concepts and emphasizing the essential role individuals play in forming the future, capacity is grown within for more sustainable neighborhoods.

École Nationale Republique d’Argentine

With phase 1 completed, the ground-breaking ceremony for phase 2 took place on Friday, March 21. A scope for 3 additional classrooms and landscape will be added to the project, and we will be meeting with the Clinton Foundation on March 24. The work is projected to be completed within the Argentine Phase 2 schedule.

Atelier Mod'Ayiti

A few meetings were held recently to determine a number of small works that needed to be executed. CHAPE and YCF finally reached an agreement for executing the remaining work. A summary of tasks and action items for each partner was discussed at BID offices. We are developing an added services proposal out this week in order to move forward with the newly set scope.

École Baptiste Bon Berger, Pele

The toilet building at École Baptiste Bon Berger in Pele was recently painted with yellow and blue - colors chosen by the school. With this, the building is complete! We will soon be collaborating with Give Love to provide technical support and training for the management of the composting system implemented in this project.

College Immacule de Marie 2

Architecture for Humanity met with the contractor, YCF to check on the progress of construction with their work on CIM1, where a temporary staircase was installed on site while the main staircase undergoes construction. After some negotiation with YCF, it was decided that a portion of the scope for CIM1 will be completed for the contractor that we select for the CIM2. Bids for CIM2 were received and interviews have been conducted.

École Elie Dubois Phase 2

FAES is negotiating with two contractors; one for the structural portion of the project, and one for the renovation of the school. We are also currently negotiating with FAES in regards to our future engagement with the project. World Central Kitchen recently made a visit from the US with photographers and journalists to the site with an intent to implement a culinary school in the basement of the renovated building and to create a restaurant and public area in the existing garden. Following their visit, WCK met with the secretary of tourism to discuss their project.


NEXT MEET & GREET Movie Night: "Making the Modern" Join us on Friday, March 28, at 6 p.m. at the Haiti Rebuilding Center located at 12 Rue Rebecca, Petion Ville



Development Manager - Haiti Rebuilding Center





Project Phase (P): Stage %Complete
CHAPE/Mod'Ayiti P1:Construction 80%
Clinique Mme Joa P1: Construction 100%
College Immacule de Marie - CIM P1: Construction 98%
College Immacule de Marie - CIM P2: Bid and Negotiation 100%
College Mixte Le Bon Berger, Montrouis P2: Construction 100%
Ecole Bon Berger, Pele P1 (WC): Construction 100%
Ecole Elie Dubois P1: Construction 100%
Ecole Elie Dubois P2: Bid and Negotiation 70%
Ecole Nationale Republique d'Argentine P1: Site Work 100%
Ecole Nationale Republique d'Argentine P2: Bid and Negotiation 100%
Grand-Ravine, Community Action Plan        P1: Diagnostic 100%
Haiti Property Law Working Group Vol. 2: Draft 1 100%
Haiti Property Law Working Group Vol. 2: Draft 2 10%
Ile a Vache, Community Action Plan P1: Strategic 10%
PAZAPA P1: Design 100%

Find out more about our Haiti Reconstruction Program here.