Haiti Rebuild: Groups struggle to preserve historic structures

Haiti Rebuild: Groups struggle to preserve historic structures

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Mar 25, 2010
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ISPAN has been working to save historic structures in and around Port-au-Prince. They are urgently working to save their culture, one brick at a time but concerned that they are losing for lack of support:

From one of their directors: "One more historical architectural treasure ISPAN could not save because of lack of means to intervene. It was bulldozed yesterday. We could have saved it. built in 1876. This is the fifth historical structure in Port-au-Prince which we lost simply for lack of funds. (and what funds...)

When we plead for the structures NOT to be destroyed and can do nothing to preserve them, this is what happens. This is how we lose our memory, this is, one church, one fort, one house at a time , how we loose our very identity..."

Monique Rocourt, ISPAN

Additionally groups are rallying around the preservation of Jacmel, a city filled with architectural history. Many of the iron workers and contractors that built historic New Orleans also built Jacmel. The World Monuments Fund, UNESCO and other international preservation groups are trying to intervene to save as many of these historic structures as possible.