Architects Sketches + Artists Fabrications

Architects Sketches + Artists Fabrications

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Mar 27, 2012
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The love keeps a'rollin' in. So far we have contributions from a dozen top architects and over 30 more professional pledges of support. Not to mention hundreds of expressions from architecture fans the world over. And still, we want more!


Show us why you love architecture. Check out this contribution by artist Noa Haim at Collective Paper Aesthetics - the I Love Architecture Spaceship Heart.

Download and cut out your own I Love Architecture building modules to create a one of a kind constructed valentine. Snap a photo and show us what city of love you build. Even you can play the designer.

Download your Spaceship Heart Building Blocks here: VERSION I and VERSION II.

Please send all professions of love and other content to:

Kristen Schlott

Project Ambassador // Curatorial Cupid

Architecture for Humanity
848 Folsom Street, Suite 201 | San Francisco, CA 94107-1173