Manila Chapter expands its bottle ambitions

Manila Chapter expands its bottle ambitions

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Mar 27, 2013
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You may remember how last summer, damaging floods in Manila started a movement. We raised seed funding to launch a Manila Chapter, headed by an old colleague known for school buildings made from bottles. He's recently written us on progress of the Manila Chapter in its first six months.

The bottle theme hasn't abated an iota - and we're thrilled to see this construction system engaging the community and end users in a recently opened Center for the Aged, captured very nicely in a 3 minute video.

I. Center for the Aged in Rizal, Laguna opens

Community participation: Association of the Elderly turned over 3,000 used plastic bottles for the walls. 800 glass bottles for the windows
AFH_Manila consulted and contracted the build.
Cost: $13,500 USD

You can donate directly to the Manila Chapter to help them make a larger local impact.

You may remember Liter of Light from their innovative use of plastic bottles to disperse daylight in enclosed slum dwellings in Manila.

They've recently come out with a solar-powered night light:

II. "Garbology 101"

...Highlights of trash-packed bottle building system that is diverting waste, cleaning the environment, engaging the community and youth, and stemming some of the negative results of globalization. AFH_Manila is exploring the use of this system in future projects.

If you have 15 mins, this is worth a watch. (Note: this program sees bottle buildings as an incremental solution, with someone sharing their ultimate goal of "never having to pack another bottle again.")

Donate to the Manila Chapter.