Share the Love: How to get involved

Share the Love: How to get involved

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Mar 03, 2012
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Show us Why You Love Architecture and we'll spread the word!

As we collect more submissions, we'll be curating a digital gallery with all of your Valentines for the world to see. Here are some fun and easy DIY ways to express yourself:

1) Tell us why you love architecture.

IN WRITING, starting “I Love Architecture Because...”
MAKE IT GRAPHIC. And go crazy. Draft, draw, film, photograph, paint, code, graffiti, collage, or otherwise document why you love architecture, your favorite building or architect. See our archives so far.

2) Let 'em know you love 'em. Send a love letter -anonymous or not- to your favorite architect OR building. We’ll even help it get to them.

3) Make a playlist for architects. Got Spotify? Make a playlist and we’ll link it. Here’s one created by AFH founder Cameron Sinclair:

Design Like You Give A Damn II

4) Spend a Night In with Architecture. Send us your list of best films about or featuring architecture. Manhattan still gets me every time.

5) Spend a Night Out with Architecture. Send us a list of the most romantic places to take a date. My rooftop view of downtown San Francisco, or the Palace of Fine Arts? Decisions decisions...

6) How do I Love Thee? Tell us why Architects make the best dates. For starters they definitely have the best eyewear...and that 3D scale model of the Eiffel Tower on your Valentine’s Day card? Dang.

7) Conversation Hearts. Design some Architecture-themed short and sweet sayings, the cheekier the better.

8) A Pretty Building A Day... Tell us some creative ways architecture can help ward off your winter blues. Then document yourself doing them!

Ex) Ride your bike across the GG Bridge
Ex) Air BnB an apartment in Gehry’s newest NY skyscraper – they all have such lovely sunny bay windows

9) Some Very Well-Designed Food for Thought. What are the top 10 best–designed and best-structured foods to make your honey on Valentine’s Day? Mintimalism ice cream from Coolhaus anyone?

Ex) Log cabin stacked French toast
Ex) Baked Alaska

10) What Else? Come up with some other ways to show the love! Make building-shaped earrings, paint a tower on your dog, you name it.

Please send all professions of love and other content to:

Kristen Schlott

Project Ambassador // Curatorial Cupid

Architecture for Humanity
848 Folsom Street, Suite 201 | San Francisco, CA 94107-1173