Haiti Progress - March 2012

Haiti Progress - March 2012

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  • Mar 30, 2012
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New house, new rules? The foreign contingent of the Haiti team has relocated to a new base-of-domestic-operations. It's given us an opportunity to reflect on how far we've come since our establishment, and look towards what's ahead, to when we move out. While the Rebuilding Center is transitioning to Haitian ownership/operation, our search to fill unique positions continues - as does the variety of work we're conducting. (Some old, familiar things, like our beloved cement mixer, can stick around.)


Comings & Goings
A very warm welcome (back) to the University of Minnesota crew who over the next 7 weeks will be plugging in to a variety of projects in the office. This builds on a very successful program last year and we're very excited to have them back. Particular thanks to Jim Lutz for making this happen again this year. The RBC also waved goodbye to Katharine MacLean and Marvine Pierre, but welcomes HQ allstar Sandhya for a longer stay than normal.

Design Opportunities & Program Needs
We are hiring. Currently we are looking for: Haiti Team Structural Engineer, Construction Manager, Development Director, Directeur/Planification et conception, Volunteers (starting May thru the fall)

Meet N Greet, March 30: "Has the Port-au-Prince housing problem changed since January 12, 2010?" presented by engineer Christian Rousseau at the Rebuilding Center, 5:30 - 7:30 PM. Contact Rolande Augustin for more information.

Project Status Report - 23 Mar 2012

Haiti School Initiative
Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger, Montrouis - Ph.1 CA 100%
Institut Foyer du Savoir - Ph.1 CA 24%
École Baptiste Bon Berger, Pele
- Ph.1 CA 20%
École Elie Dubois - Ph.1 CA 35% - Ph.2 CD 80%
Academie Timoun (BAR Architects) - Ph.1 CA
Civic Art for Schools - Artwork entering construction

Design Consultancy
Santo Community Development Plan - Ph.4 CD 15%
Villa Rosa
- Ph.2 75%
Mme Joa Clinic - CA 90%
Turbe Clinic - CA 90%
Rural Mapping Initiative - CD 70%

CA Construction Administration; CD Construction Documents; DD Design Development; SD Schematic Design; PD Pre-Design - About the Phases