Football for Hope - Updates from Tanzania

Football for Hope - Updates from Tanzania

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Mar 06, 2012
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To follow up with some news from our design fellows on the ground, after Cameroon, Mozambique, Botswana, here are some updates from Alma who relocated at the beginning of February to Tanzania.

The Football for Hope program aims to build 20 centers around Africa by 2013. Up to now we have 19 centers allocated and started, so there is only one to go!

Iringa, Tanzania

Alma Ruiz, the Design Fellow responsible for the Iringa Football for Hope Center in Tanzania is working with local architect and engineers in Dar es Salaam to finalize the design. She is planning on relocating to the site in April to start with the construction.

The Center will be placed in the highest point of the land, lying at the bottom of one of several small rocky mountain formations, to enable high visibility from the approach while permitting the creation of a natural seating area with visual connections to the pitch.

The use of natural local materials such as bamboo, recycled wood from IDYDC (center host) carpentry workshop, stones from the Iringa rocky region and soil added to the burned bricks are the main proposed materials to incorporate for a more sustainable /low budget project.

Iringa is the administrative capital of Iringa Region, located in the center of Tanzania. The name is derived from the Hehe. The municipality stretches along a hilltop overlooking the Ruaha River to the south, and spreads along ridges and valleys to the north. The Iringa municipality is situated on a plateau that ranges from 1,500 meters to 2,500 meters above sea level. Significant geological features include numerous steep, rocky hills that punctuate the landscape and the Little Ruaha River that runs through the municipality.

Born and raised in Mexico, Alma completed her Bachelors degree in Architecture at the Iberoamericana University, Mexico City. She has been involved in several urban, architectural and interior design projects in Africa and Mexico. She worked as a project leader in Interior design in several architectural offices in Mexico City, and in Cape Town on urban design in 2009. She was the team leader in the research “The Vernacular Art Inside Informal Settlements”. She has had the opportunity of working within communities in Africa and has been involved in different kind of Social Activities since her studies.

Street in Iringa

Pumping water

Design Fellow's office while working with the local engineers

View of the proposed center

Plan of the center

More info on the Iringa Football for Hope Center Worldchanging page.