The Cost of Inflation in Haiti

The Cost of Inflation in Haiti

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Mar 09, 2010
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Our Haiti team has sent us some benchmarking pricing. Haiti has been suffering from inflation for the past several years but the Jan 12 earthquake has exacerbated the situation.

These figures not only reflect the economic seclusion from–despite its proximity to–the United States, but also show how food aid is influencing the cost of some products and not others. Bread costs $1.25, half what it would cost in the United States, while milk, popular cereals and construction materials fetch 2-3 times their price in the United States. Following are observed Haitian vs Californian prices for select goods:

Food and material prices, Haiti and United States (in $US)

Supplies–Haiti/United States

Gallon of water–$1.25/$0.88
Gallon of milk–$12.00/$3.75
Loaf of bread (20oz)–$1.25/$2.50
One dozen eggs–$4.00/$3.19
Crispy rice cereal (18oz)–$9.00/$4.79

Gallon of gas–$8.00/$2.95
Lumber 2x4 (12')–$9.00/$3.27
Plywood 4'x8' (3/4")–$25.00/$12.00

Other goods and services:

Furnished room for one person: $40/day, $1200/month
Two-bedroom apartment: $1500
House for 15-20 persons: $6000/month
Dry cleaning: $4/shirt
Hamburger combo: $7
Security guard: $600/wk
Wine: $5-$15/bottle