Community Builder Site Visits 2011 Announced

Community Builder Site Visits 2011 Announced

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Mar 09, 2011
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One of the big perks of Architecture for Humanity's Community Builders program is the opportunity to visit some of our projects, both completed and still in progress. These yearly site visits are a chance for Community Builders to see our work first hand and truly understand the challenges faced by the communities with which we work and exchange ideas directly with community leaders making a difference.

We've announced this year's visits and are excited for our Community Builders to travel together with Architecture for Humanity design team members to any of the following three corners of the globe:

Site visit 1: June 8-15, 2011 — Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Site visit 2: July 12-20, 2011 — Tissahamara, Sri Lanka
Site visit: 3: August 10-17, 2011 — Nairobi, Kenya

If you are not yet a Community Builder and would like to become a part of a small circle of strategic thinkers and doers who believe in humanitarian design, contact us. You, too, will have the chance to visit our projects and, like us, learn by doing.