Architecture for Humanity announces new spokesanimal

Architecture for Humanity announces new spokesanimal

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  • Apr 01, 2010
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Tokyo, Japan -- On April 6, 2010 non-profit Architecture for Humanity will be starting its eleventh year bringing design, construction and development services to communities in need. In celebration of this milestone, and to raise awareness of the organizations' impact, Architecture for Humanity is partnering with the South Florida Aquarium to co-host a 12 month tour for the organizations' newly adopted mascot, Hugh Manatee.

Hugh, a 1200 lb Antillean Manatee, has been resident at the Aquarium for the past six years, following his rescue from a boating accident. This tour will visit ten projects around the world and end at the Architecture for Humanity Headquarters in San Francisco. Hugh will travel with two handlers and a travel tank allowing him to view projects first hand and bring a sense of excitement to countless onlookers.

Thanks to the support of an anonymous Japanese donor, the tour launches in Tokyo at a special Pecha Kucha event hosted by Super Deluxe on May 8, 2010. Hugh will then visit Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and India before a long journey through Africa. Then, during the 2010 World Cup, Hugh travels through South Africa before visiting construction projects Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

"Hugh has defied the logic that all mascots should be just focus on being cute," Co-founder Cameron Sinclair stated "Instead of languishing in an aquarium, he's highlighting all our great projects while educating everyone that the manatee is the most charitable animal in the animal kingdom. We're honored to be associated with such a noble creature."

As Architecture for Humanity prides itself on the 40,000 strong community of design and construction professionals it has built up over the past decade, the organization is giving them the task to decide where Hugh's penultimate destination should be before the end of his tour at Architecture for Humanity Headquarters in San Francisco on April 6, 2011.

Following his scheduled stop in Biloxi, Mississippi to visit the Model Home Project, Hugh will take direction from the organizations' supporters and friends based on request videos they post on YouTube during the month of April. Details can be found in the introduction video below:

To participate in this groundbreaking crowd-sourced effort, upload your suggested location to You Tube as a response to the introduction video. Submissions using alternate video hosting services such as Vimeo will be accepted, but need to be linked to in a post to Twitter containing the tag #hughmanatee.

Looking for other ways to participate?

To help cover the costs of the trip and to help expand our work Architecture for Humanity, Greg Artzner and Terry Leonino have offering the Mascots theme song "Hugh the Manatee" to every Architecture for Humanity online donation above $10 in 2010. Donors will receive a special link to download the single and cheer on Hugh through his adventures.


Please help spread the word about Hugh Manatee:


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Press Contact
Diana Bianchini, Di Moda Public Relations 310.288.0077

"Hugh the Manatee"
words and music by Greg Artzner & Terry Leonino, performed by MAGPIE, (Greg Artzner & Terry Leonino).

The graphic representation of Hugh was designed by Kristian Bjornard
Download images and help raise awareness about the tour for Hugh Manatee.