Origami accompanies Elie Dubois School dedication

Origami accompanies Elie Dubois School dedication

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Apr 01, 2011
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Words by Stacey McMahan; images by Eric Cesal

The Elie Dubois students and teachers, friends of Elie Dubois, and many diginitaries from the Ministry of Education and international community attended the funding dedication event held on the campus commons between the two historic Buildings 1 and 2.

Several dance performances were held and the Philo class presented the Inter-American Development Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno and Barefoot Foundation with hand-made crafts (table cloths, etc.) for which Elie Dubois is famous. Diandine Emile, a graduating student and the student featured in a Students Rebuild webumentary, also gave a heartfelt thankyou on behalf of the student body.

Approximately 300 paper cranes for Japan were made by the students with the help of Dorothy Miller, Stacey McMahan, Sandhya Janardham and Martine Theodore.

IDB President Luis Moreno and the Barefoot Foundation presented their pledge for $400,000 each in support of the school's reconstruction.

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