Hecho en Mexico

Hecho en Mexico

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Apr 10, 2011
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20 Women 20 Houses 20 Years Later

The Agri-tecture team is back in Oaxaca, having returned from San Juan Mixtepec where they worked with the warriors of this town to build new foundations and to turn earth, manure and water into adobe...thousands of adobe to be exact.

In the coming months, the women of San Juan Mixtepec will continue their work together and with architects Joao Caeiro + Fulvio Capurso to complete the first of 20 energy and resource efficient homes and building sites. This training program and prototype will be the foundation to a sustainable social structure and enterprise for the community.

Learn more + check out their progress.

Why Here
In this indigenous village, in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico, 60% of the men (mostly youth and family heads) emigrate, mainly to the United States. 84.5% do not return. In San Juan Mixtepec the houses still have small areas in basic conditions, often without utilities, that serve several people. Around 68% still only have one room. 59% of the houses have a dirt floor. 68% don’t have modern appliances.

Why Now
Twenty years ago, the architect Juan José Santibañez began Adobe for Women while working with the community. Twenty years later, he has joined forces with young architects, agritects and students to begin another cycle of building.

Learn more about Adobe for Women - now and then.