Seismic Training for schoolbuilders

Seismic Training for schoolbuilders

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Apr 11, 2011
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Build Change Training day 1

On Monday, April 11th, 2011, masons, steel workers, carpenters and day laborers followed their first of a three-day training course provided by Build Change and sponsored by Architecture for Humanity. The training course will fortify these skilled workers with better engineering practices approved by the MTPTC (Public works ministry). This training session precedes construction on École La Dignité in Cayes de Jacmel.

On that first day we had 25 skilled workers attending the course. The training session began at 11:00am and ended at 4pm. The first day’s curriculum covered:

  • Introduction of Build Change
  • Why earthquakes occur
  • How we all from Haiti’s federal government, owners, engineers and masons had a share of the blame on what happened on January 12th 2010
  • Safety measures on the work site.

Days 2 and 3 will follow with more details on construction, and will match training courses to be held before ground breaking on the other Haiti School Initiative and clinic projects under the supervision of Architecture for Humanity:

Day 2

  • Major components of a building and their functional requirements: Foundation, walls, tie columns, plinth and bond beams, roof floors
  • Seven major construction steps: Site selection; Setting out; Excavation for foundations; Foundation laying/building; Building walls; columns, beams and walls; Roofing; General finishes (fixing doors, windows, plastering and flooring)
  • Practical's on: Setting out a building; Mortar mixing proportions (block laying and plastering); Block laying and confined masonry with wall reinforcement; Bar bending at corners and t-junctions

Day 3

  • Introduction to confined masonry
  • The 3 C's: configuration, connections, construction quality
  • (For Dignité, Pele, Home of Knowledge only) Practical's on: Making a timber truss
  • (For Montrouis only) Construction administration: Main resources on a construction site; Building construction activity schedule; Tasks allocation and time scheduling; Materials procurement schedule; Materials storage and distribution recording, Labor management attendance records
  • Construction quality control checklist
  • Post-Test and awarding certificates

A certificate will be awarded to those that attended all 3 days.