Sport, Development and Ecology o My!

Sport, Development and Ecology o My!

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  • Apr 11, 2013
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We are very proud to announce yet another opening in the Football for Hope family as the Manica Football for Hope Centre officially opened its doors. The impressive mono-block building sits beautifully in a beautiful landscape. Design Fellows Alina Jeronimo and Paulo Fernandes have done an incredible job throughout the design and construction process: holding meetings with the community; designing a low-impact building; training local workers in a compressed earth block building technique; supervising the construction site; and hosting a native tree planting workshop.

We would like to warmly compliment them and the whole team on another job well done.

the northwest facade

The opening event was held on April 4th and despite significant rains it was a huge success. Smiles, dances and speeches were shared and as partners, sponsors and community members welcomed the new addition.

the welcome dance

waiting for the governor to arrive

Design Fellows Paulo (center left) and Alina (right) stand proudly in front of the building

the kids can't wait to use the new pitch

The whole construction site was a training ground for the workers who obtained certificates at the end of the program.

workers receiving their work and training certificate

On March 22, World Water Day, a tree planting workshop was organized on site. 92 trees, kindly donated by NBBJ, were planted. The first 70, next to the FFH centre and the pitch, and the other 22, mostly fruit trees, will be planted on site in the next month. FUTECO is the name given by centre host to this 10ha land, where sport, development and ecology intermingle to create a place where youngsters from Manica can have more opportunities, a facility that will grow and a place full of fun close to nature.

tree planting workshop: youth learning how a small gesture can impact the whole environment

Big Thank You to NBBJ for their donation!

More pictures and information about the Manica Football for Hope Center can be found on the Open Architecture Network.