Video: Rainwater Court construction begins in Mahiga, Kenya

Video: Rainwater Court construction begins in Mahiga, Kenya

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Apr 14, 2010
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Mar 29, 2010 - Tomorrow is shaping up to be an historic day in Mahiga, Kenya.

The contractor will begin excavations for the 14-week Rainwater Court project which will provide a new community gathering space, sports facilities, and clean water collection and storage for the Primary and Secondary school students and greater community.

The Rainwater basketball court broke ground yesterday at a ceremony with Design Fellow Greg Elsner, the Mahiga School Steering Committee, and Project Partners Turk Pipkin and Joseph Mutongu of The Nobelity Project.

Just next door, the new high school, a parallel effort by The Nobelity Project, is beginning to take shape as the slabs are poured.

To top off this busy day, the entire community will be gathering in the morning to spread recently-delivered gravel on the main road to the school and in the afternoon, community members will assemble again to plant 300 trees on the school site, reinvigorating the biodiversity and water retention in the area.

Congratulations to the entire Mahiga community.