April 2012: Lucky Year 13

April 2012: Lucky Year 13

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  • Apr 20, 2012
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Architecture for Humanity, April 2012: Oguaa FFH Cenre opens

It's hard to believe we're thirteen years old this month. Harder still to believe we don't count our age in truckloads of coffee consumed. So, depending on how you count, we're either just entering the awkward teenage years, or are a centenarian. It usually feels like both. There's plenty seeing us into adolescence.

I Love Architecture is picking up steam - fueled in part by a @DanielLibeskind tweet of the sketch he sent us. His and others will be auctioned this June.

Registration for [Un]Restricted Access closes May 1 (an extended deadline). The Venice Biennale will be featuring the finalists - see below.

Also this Fall: Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE! Visit San Francisco this November and engage your fellow humanitarians in social design through panel discussions, Design Open Mic, workshops and more. Save the date!

Speaking of giving a damn, some of the HQ folks got lovely deliveries last week - Design Like You Give a Damn [2] has been released! Everyone who's ordered in advance should be getting their copies soon. Place an order at Amazon if you haven't yet, and send an extra copy to your boss.  We're sure they'll thank you.

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Pouring foundations at the Yuwa community center in Jharkhand, India

NIKE Gamechangers
Who says size matters? Construction season is on again for Gamechangers. Micro-grant recipients are nearing completion of two small sports facilities in rural India and China. In Jharkhand, India, Yuwa is using football to promote health, education and improved livelihoods among the hardest to reach, most at-risk group in the community - girls.

In China, villagers from Gan Hai Zi are working with Habitat for Humanity to construct an outdoor sport and community center – a new hub to socialize, entertain, recreate and build up those endorphins we all know and love.

Remember the design-build team from San Pedro Apóstol? They, with Architect Juan Santibañez, and the women of San Juan Mixtepec, have completed the first of 20 homes built with indigenous and local materials. Nice!

Under the Manhattan Bridge, a run down skatepark is getting ready for a major facelift in Summer 2012, thanks to a Nike Gamechangers grant. The Coleman Oval Skate Park is closed through construction - music to our ears. Bridge traffic, not so much.

Testing the seating at the Ohya soccer pitch, Motoyoshi, Japan
Japan: One Year Later
Meet new design fellow Akinobu Yoshikawa! Akinobu Yoshikawa may be [relatively] young (30), but he's seen a lot in his years. Aki came through San Francisco for orientation last month, before moving to Tohoku as Architecture for Humanity's newest Design Fellow, overseeing project construction at the Ohya Green soccer field (signs and wayfinding), and the Kitakami market project.

 Peru: Happy Hearts
Design fellow Diego Collazos just got back from the Structures for Inclusion conference in Austin, Texas, where he presented his work in Latin America, rebuilding disaster-stricken schools for Happy Hearts & SURA. Not that he'd have much of a break following the conference, as the next series of school projects begin rolling into construction. Get the latest from our award-winning Design Fellow.

Survey teams process data points for Mapping of communes in Haiti
Haiti: Rebuilding Center
Design Fellow Olivia Stinson has been coordinating trips out to remote and exotic ends of Haiti for the past six months. Her teams, Haitians with GPSs and laptops are producing what these places have never had before: maps. With a grant from the WK Kellogg Foundation, Architecture for Humanity is mapping eleven communes across southern and central Haiti: Cavaillon, Maniche, Mirebalais, Saut d'Eau, Boucan Carre, Lachapelle, Arcahaie, Aquin, St Louis du Sud, Cayes, and Ile a Vache.

2012 US Tornadoes Recovery

Over 100 tornadoes touched down last weekend as part of a massive storm system passing through the Midwest. Architecture for Humanity is reaching out to local chapters for a follow up to assess needed design services. And at the end of March, Architecture for Humanity
representatives and the AIA met with officials of the City of Harrisburg, Illinois, the site of tremendous tornado damage on February 29. The discussion assessed the needs of the town, as immediate relief winds down, clean up continues and discussions of the long-term needs and prospects of the community begin. Track the latest.

 Children in Oguaa, Ghana, test out their new Football for Hope Centre
Africa: Football for Hope
We are pleased to announce the opening of the sixth Football for Hope Center in Oguaa, Ghana.
The center was officially inaugurated in Cape Coast on March 24, and the ceremony was a great success among the local representatives and the whole community. Over 200 children attended the ceremony and participated in the activities proud of their beautiful new T-shirts. 

In Mozambique, Design Fellows Paulo Carneiro and Alina Jeronimo have moved to site of the Manica Football for Hope Center. And between settling down, chasing money transfers between banks and preparing their tender package, they also started working on the Compressed Earth Block (CEB) production!

Global: Students Rebuild
Mark your calendars. On April 28, 2012, Students Rebuild is hosting a global Day of Action: From Tohoku, Japan, to Tehran, Iran, students across the world will collaborate in a participatory global arts project and fundraiser with the One Million Bones project. We invite YOU to take action and sponsor a Students Rebuild event in your community.

Hunters Poin Steel Shop, San Francisco, image by Katherine Westerhout

The Architecture Biennale in Venice recently granted the design competition [UN]RESTRICTED ACCESS exhibition space for its awarded finalists. The Biennale runs from August 29th to November 25th, 2012, and will serve as the first stop of an international tour of the competition's top, innovative concepts and accompanying photo exhibit. As the registration period draws to a close on May 1st (extended deadline!!), collaborators reflect on what has already become a profound international conversation.

Itself a biannual tradition, the Open Architecture Challenge has collected with its incoming registrant teams stories of people drawn irresistibly to the mission of [UN]RESTRICTED ACCESS. These voices hail from all across the world - resonant with hope, admiration, and reverence for the prospect of redeveloping ex-military bases. The Challenge already represents 60 nations, over 330 teams finding meaning in healing after a military withdrawal. We're wondering if it's not the 2012 Revit Suite prizes that are driving numbers up...

Just a few more weeks for the opportunity to submit your chapter's disaster plan proposal before the May 14 deadline. In partnership with the AIA, this grant program is seeking the engagement of the architecture community in preparing and responding to a disaster event.

Along that line, do join the Seattle chapter on April 24 for Disaster Preparedness and Response information night. And our congratulations to the winners of the Seattle chapter food truck competition. They are John Putre, David Dahl and Nicole Lew. Check out the winning entries! 

The Los Angeles chapter is kicking off a new project, the Lamas Cultural Center. If you are interested in getting involved with the design team or provide fund raising assistance, please contact the chapter.

The Washington DC chapter is bringing together 3 local organizations to discuss the re-purposing of vacant or underused land in the District

Our Santa Barbara chapter is gearing up for its first event celebrating Earth Day. The weekend long event will take place on May 21-22. Should you be in the area, come and support the initiatives of this new chapter.

Last but not least, we recently issued our Chapters newsletter for Spring 2012. The newsletter highlights resources and in-depth stories about specific chapter issues and projects. It's chocker-block full.

 DESIGN OPPORTUNITIES, JOBS (Pst...we're hiring!)
Design fellow Paulo Cameiro checks progress of Compressed Earth Bricks in Manica, Mozambique
San Francisco Project Accountant, href="http://architectureforhumanity.org/updates/2012-03-22-director-of-operations" target="_blank">Director of Operations, Web Product Manager, Salesforce Developer, Program Manager, Contracts Manager, Volunteer: Tohoku Rebuilding Program, Volunteer: Open Architecture Challenge, Volunteer: Emergency Preparedness, Volunteer: Nike Gamechangers

A grand welcome to the team (and huge thank you already!) to Bay Area-based Film Editor Volunteer Beverly Pitzer, Model Maker Volunteers Ma Jie and Muneeba Sutton, and Santiago, Chile-based Enel Coure Volunteer Mali Valenzuela. We appreciate what you do immensely.

And farewell to Je'Nen Chastain from Oakland, CA and Miriam Fernandez Ruiz from Spain, who each volunteered for three months and Zsofia Marton from Hungary, who dedicated the past year to volunteer at HQ. We wish them well as they return home and move on to their next big endeavors. And if you're interested in volunteering, contact us!

Special thanks to Mortar Net for donating funds as part of its participation in the AIA 2012 National Convention next month in Washington, D.C. Between now and May 19, the company will donate $30
for every person who registers at the company’s website or at the Mortar Net AIA Convention booth #1701.  

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Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE! 2012  When: November 12-13, 2012 | Where: Autodesk Gallery, 1 Market Street #200  San Francisco, CA 94105 --> We're gearing up for our 3rd Annual humanitarian design forum and it's taking place in San Francisco this year right before Greenbuild. More details to come but Save the Date and start plotting your Design Open Mic submission for 7 minutes of fame. Interested in sponsoring? Contact us!