MakiBiz Participated in Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) Conference

MakiBiz Participated in Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) Conference

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Apr 25, 2013
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MakiBiz / Architecture for Humanity Japan Team participated in a symposium on rebuilding titled, "Miyagi Rebuilding Voice, Earthquake Disaster Rebuilding Symposium 2013, Thinking Support and Collaboration from Local Rebuilding - The Voice of Kitakami Ishinomaki." hosted by the Japan Institute of Architects (JIA) on the weekend of April 6-7th.

4月6日から7日にかけて行われた、日本建築家協会主催の震災復興シンポジウム2013 ~みやぎボイス 地域とずっと一緒に考える復興とまちづくり~に参加しました。

A large audience attends the presentations at Sendai Mediatheque / 仙台メディアテーク内の会場に集まった大勢の参加者

To start off, 14 organizations and individuals presented their rebuilding activities and raised their issues and concerns. Here, Architecture for Humanity participated by presenting our Tohoku rebuilding efforts in the past 2 years. Speakers included the head of the fishing association, mothers, architects, and various NPOs (Non Profit Organizations).


Design fellow, Aki presents Architecture for Humanity's Tohoku Rebuilding Efforts / デザインフェローの吉川が当団体の東北復興プログラムについて発表している様子

Afterwards, groups were split up into themes of "business," "housing" and "welfare & education" for a round table discussion. Having worked on the market project at Kitakami, Architecture for Humanity was grouped into the "business" table, where members included local farmers and fishermen, professors, NPOs, and a representative from the local government. Several honest opinions were exchanged and discussions held at this time.


Roundtable discussions held, where thoughts and opinions are exchanged / 活発な意見交換がされたラウンドテーブルの様子

While many affected communities hold multiple issues towards rebuilding, this symposium showed us the strength, incredible optimism, and bonds within Kitakami as they work towards a collection vision of rebuilding in their community.