Haitian rainy season commences with a burst

Haitian rainy season commences with a burst

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Apr 29, 2011
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When severe weather strikes Haiti, an enormous reporting mechanism is launched by the various NGO's operating in the affected area. Reports are consolidated by bodies such as the International Orgianzation of Migration and distributed to members of the United Nations various cluster groups...including the inbox of our Regional Program Manager, Eric Cesal.

Even though Architecture for Humanity is not generally involved with immediate relief efforts, it's important to remember the fragile situation a lot of Haitian lives still occupy–and assess whether our relief assistance is in fact needed, as we've been known to respond in the past.

The communiqué:

Yesterday, PaP was struck by strong winds and heavy rains in the late afternoon. No impact on operations, but damage was reported in a number of camps. Breakdown as follows:

IOM camp management contacting camp committees, starting in known high risk areas and areas reported as particularly badly affected today
   * So far, no injuries or deaths reported in any camps contacted
   * Damage to tents/ shelters is severe in a small number of camps
         o Marassa 14 (Croix-des-Bouquets) - approximately 100 tents destroyed, as well as the tent of the oral rehydration point (for cholera treatment)
         o Te Roche (Tabarre) - canal alongside camp burst its banks, camp completely flooded
         o Camp Turk (Tabarre) - major damage to tents
         o CAPVAA (Cité Soleil) - around 100 tents destroyed
         o Corail (Croix-des-Bouquets) ­ some t-shelters leaking, drainage in sector 4 insufficient
         o Terrain Toto (Delmas) ­ over 100 tents damaged
         o Other camps suffered less damage, but still some shelters destroyed