11th Football for Hope centre opens in Botswana

11th Football for Hope centre opens in Botswana

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Apr 29, 2013
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Team Botswana is very glad to announce the opening of the South East Football for Hope Centre in the village of Ramotswa.

The opening ceremony held on February 19th represented the closure of a year and half of hard work to get this project built and the beginning of a new life for the centre and SEDYEA the centre host.

Congratulation to Design Fellow Elisa Engel and the whole team! The beautiful project responds to community needs and brings a new work of art to the town.

On site since January 2012, Elisa has guided the development of the entire project. Last week she shared with us her impression of this important event:

"The Official opening yesterday was preceded by about two weeks of manic activity both on site (planting trees, painting chairs, clearing the last of the rubble and moving and painting containers) and off site (inviting ministers and funders, organizing catering and presents, transport, chairs, etc. etc.).

After all the hard work, I am delighted to say that it all went off well on the day. The lesson I take away from that is to never underestimate the power of SEDYEA – once again they planned and pulled off an amazing event. Time and again during the preparation stages I would be panicking about something only to realise that they had, in fact, already dealt with the issue.

All week the weather had been characteristically hot and sunny, but Friday morning saw sheet rain and chilly temperatures. In fact, today is sunny again, which just goes to show that this weather was laid on especially for us. Which means, in Botswana, that our project is truly blessed and has a bright future ahead! Pula, Pula!

The program was a mixture of speeches and entertainment - poems, a play, traditional dancing, coaching clinics and HIV/Aids teaching in action on the new pitch, followed by the official cutting of the ribbons (one for the building and one for the outdoor cooking area), a tour of the facilities and lunch.

I really think that the guests enjoyed the event – though everyone at SEDYEA and I were far too exhausted and relieved at the end of it to be able to judge properly.

What remains is the satisfaction of seeing the building and the pitch in pretty much constant use – it does feel pretty amazing!

The next step is to face having to leave my beloved Botswana and all the amazing people I have met here. But I’ll deal with that next week. This weekend is all about celebrations."

Traditional dancing for the opening.

Coaching on the field during the event

The new pitch and the center behind.

The outdoor seminar space, bringing the much needed shade and creating a gathering space linking the building and the pitch.