All for Japan

All for Japan

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Apr 06, 2011
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Architecture for Humanity and NIKE have partnered to help Japan's long term rebuilding efforts. Together, we believe that sport plays a critical role in a community and will be a key element as the Eastern Japan region rebuilds.

We would like to thank the tens of thousands of runners who participated in the NIKE+ All for Japan Challenge and collectively ran 200,000 miles in less than a week. You have helped contribute towards our fundraising program that will assist reconstruction efforts in areas affected by both the earthquake and tsunami. By calling on a global community of dedicated runners we really weren't sure you'd make the one month deadline. Boy, were we wrong.

Now it's time for our part - putting the funds to good use. We will be updating you regularly here so that you can see the impact your support is having on the ground. Our initial projects will be focused on assisting the community affected in Sendai.


We are continuing to raise funds to support Japanese building professionals in their rebuilding efforts. If you'd like to make an individual gift you can use the button here, and feel free to email us with any feedback or questions!

Architecture for Humanityとナイキは、日本の復興に向けた長期的な協力活動を行います。私達はコミュニティーの中で果たすスポーツの役割を重視しており、東日本の復興においてもスポーツが重要な役割を果たすと考えています。

“All for Japan”復興支援プロジェクトの一環として実施したNike+ Challenge(ナイキプラスチャレンジ)に参加し、1週間もたたないうちに20万マイルを走りきった世界中の何万人ものランナーに感謝いたします。皆さんの協力により集まった募金は、地震と津波で被害を受けた地域の復興支援活動に充てられます。私達は、世界中の熱心なランナーに呼びかけても、1ヶ月の期限内にゴールが達成できるかどうか、当初は不安に思っておりましたが、その不安は見事に裏切られました。