iLA Sketchy Scramble #1

iLA Sketchy Scramble #1

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Apr 07, 2012
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We've got quite a collection of sketches developing here in San Francisco for the #iLoveArchitecture campaign. Every couple of days we get the pleasure of unwrapping a new arrival from some of the most talented design offices in the world.

Now, we're pretty good at recognizing a signature designer's ARCHITECTURAL style, but we began to wonder whether you could distinguish an architect by THEIR SKETCH ALONE. Crop just a piece of it, and then Instagram that crop, and you've got a formidable challenge.

See if you can tell who belongs to which sketch below.

Send your answers to our Curatorial Cupid, Kristen Schlott:

Correct responses will receive an iLoveArchitecture sketch by one of our @afh_hq staff (hey, we're not such bad artists ourselves)!

1. A. Daniel Libeskind
2. B. Francis D. K. Ching
3. C. Michelle Kaufmann
4. D. J Mayer H
5. E. Michael van Valkenburgh
6. F. Richard Meier

7. Bonus: Whose work came in THIS packaging?


Stay tuned for more scrambles!

Oh, by the way, consider showing some love for your home town, like our collage-y contributors above.

We've got an Adobe Illustrator template to work from - though please note posters do NOT have to look like a Danielle Steele cover.