Silk Me Back visit Kitakami / フランスから北上へのお客様「シルク・ミー・バック」

Silk Me Back visit Kitakami / フランスから北上へのお客様「シルク・ミー・バック」

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Apr 08, 2013
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Late March, the "We Are One" Market and Youth Center had an exciting visit by guests all the way from Lyon, France. The group, Silk Me Back,arrived to help with Kitakami Furusato Project, lead by Takashi Sugihara, the carpenter for "We Are One".

The origin of Silk Me Back goes back to the 1850's when a silkworm epidemic devastated the silk industry in Europe. It was then that Japanese silk traders came to rescue by delivering boxes of disease-resistant silkworms and silk thread. 160 years later, a tragedy in Japan triggered founder, Isabelle Moulin, to return the favor through the power of silk, and this time with fashion. Her group auctioned 27 kimono-inspired silk gowns in Paris earlier this year to support the Kitakami community, which she came across her personal connections a year and a half ago.

As members involved with the "We Are One" project, Design Fellow Akinobu Yoshikawa and Program Assistant Nobuko Fujioka were interviewed by Silk Me Back about their involvement with the building and their visions for future Kitakami.

Later on, the group visited the construction site of "We Are One" architect, Fumihiko Sasaki's new office in Aikawa, Kitakami, which is expected to finish by the end of April.

It was also memorable to see Sasaki-san being interviewed at the site, where his old office stood prior to the tsunami.

Please see the Silk Me Back website for videos and updates of their work.