2013 Architecture for Humanity Design Awards.

2013 Architecture for Humanity Design Awards.

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • May 13, 2013
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Every year Architecture for Humanity staff, design fellows, chapter members and volunteers work on structures that impact the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world. During the first week of May we hold our annual Design Awards night to celebrate and honor the best projects of the year.

click on links in slideshow for more information on each project.

The 2013 Awards include:
Tangible Beauty - A project that creates hidden social impact through a beautiful and well loved solution.
Pragmatic Optimism - A knowledge intense project that re-frames the conversation about design impact.
Best Concept Design - The project in development that excites us most.
Income Generated Project - A project that creates economic sustainability.
Interior Detail - There is beauty on the inside. This project is a wonder to be in.
Exterior Detail - Even from a far this project makes you go - wow.
Best Model - We have an awesome model shop. This one was tough.
Best Outreach - Our development team make it happen. Find out which project they rocked this year.
Project of the year - This project encapsulates everything that we stand for. It was a community led process that incorporated the needs and desires of an architecture for humanity client* and the community as a whole. It was completed and is being used extensively. Most of all, it is contextually beautiful.

Projects were nominated by staff members and finalists were selected by long time supporters, community builders and our board of directors. The final selection was made by our internal design council, Jacob Ehrenberg and Cameron Sinclair.

*At Architecture for Humanity the client are the end users of a building or space we create. As our process is community led, these end users are also part of the design team and often working on the construction of the building.

Many non profits consider their funders as the 'client' however we believe that our primary focus is on the communities we serve and our funders are partners in the process for making long lasting impact.