MakiBiz Housing Seminar Series: Round 1 | まきビズによる『住宅セミナーシリーズ』第一弾

MakiBiz Housing Seminar Series: Round 1 | まきビズによる『住宅セミナーシリーズ』第一弾

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • May 17, 2013
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Between March 21 and April 25, design fellow Akinobu (Aki) Yoshikawa led a series of five housing seminars at our MakiBiz office in Ishinomaki. These free seminars covered a wide range of themes, geared not only for people affected by the disaster, but for anyone considering building a house.


We found that each attendee had varying areas of interest within this topic, and attendees varied according to the theme of each seminar.


The first seminar, "Making a decision: Architect or House-maker," generated the most interest. At this seminar, it was revealed that our prediction that the architect's voice was being drowned by the many advertisements put out by housing makers was confirmed. It was noted that it would be valuable to hold a seminar comparing housing makers in our next round of seminars.


Aki leading discussions following his presentation. セミナー後の質疑

Some other voices from the audience included that people are unaware of how to find an architect, and people's concerns all around were cost. Many questions around construction fees, architectural fees, earthquake resistance construction fees, combatting "sick house syndromes," and costs related to environmentally sustainable housing. Additionally we received an impression that many of the elderly population had given up on rebuilding their homes due to difficulty in taking out loans.


The questions and comments raised following the seminar sessions were invaluable to us, and will be carefully considered in round two of the housing seminar series, which we are planning to hold at a temporary housing complex.