Guerrilla Green $10,000 Winner Announced!

Guerrilla Green $10,000 Winner Announced!

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • May 21, 2013
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On Thursday May 17th, Green Schools Design Fellow, Gina Fontes, walked into a cafeteria full of screaming students and surprised the Guerrilla Green grand prize winner with a 5 foot long, ten thousand dollar check. The lucky winner was Team Thirsty Fountain from the Design and Architecture Senior High School in Miami, Florida, whose fight for water conservation, and against wasting unused fountain water, got them through all three rounds of the Sustainability Showdown. Team Thirsty Fountain hopes to use their $10,000 grant to start an organization where high school students can teach younger generations about the importance of reducing water use, and environmentally proactive living.

When witnessing the college level work that these students are producing, you understand where the talent comes from. In fact, there were TWO teams from this school in our Final Four round. Remember Team Pure Zephyr?  

If you are in the Miami area this Thursday, May 23rd, go check out the 13th Annual Phantom Film Festival at the Design and Architecture Senior High School. Our very own Team Thirsty Fountain water conservation PSA will be showing!

Congratulations again to Team Thirsty Fountain, and for all students who participated around the United States! Keep up to date with our Guerrilla Green program on our FACEBOOK PAGE!

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