Haiti Progress - May 2012

Haiti Progress - May 2012

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • May 25, 2012
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May 2012: Ecole Elie Dubois cafeteria workers plaster & set trusses

As the conversations on the ground shift from "disaster relief" to "long-term recovery," we take a look at how our operations fit into the schene. See the update below featuring our Program Coordinator for how the rest of 2012 and beyond will shape up for the Rebuilding Center. For Port-au-Prince residents, don't miss Leslie Voltaire's presentation at tonight's Meet n Greet (details below).


Upwards! Update on Elie Dubois and Pele schools - brought to you by Students Rebuild
Feature: Haitian transitions - catching up with our program coordinator, back at HQ after two months in Haiti

Comings & Goings

We welcome researcher Jessie Towell, and new HQ intern Cara Williams, and bid a fond farewell to volunteer Nazanin Merehgan, and the 2nd wave UMN students - thanks for your incredible work!

Design Opportunities & Program Needs

Directuer, Planification et conception - Development Director - Construction Manager - Structural Engineer - Haiti Volunteer

Haiti Meet n Greet - Friday, May 25, 5:30 - 7:30
One Third of Haiti lives in the urban sector of Haiti's Western Department (Ouest). A combination of exploding population and negative economic growth has led to urban migration, misuse of habitable spaces and the threat of hasty design responses. M Leslie VOLTAIRE, architect and urbanist, will present "Land Use and Community Planning."
Contact rolandeaugustin@architectureforhumanity.org for more details.

Project Status Report - 24 May 2012

Haiti School Initiative
Institut Foyer du Savoir - On Hold @ Ph.1 CA 24%
École Baptiste Bon Berger, Pele
- 1% Ph.1 CA 20%
École Elie Dubois - Ph.1 CA 65% - Ph.2 CD 80%
Academie Timoun (BAR Architects) - Ph.1 CA
Civic Art for Schools - Artwork under construction
CIM School - Schematic Design

Haiti Design Consultancy
Santo Community Development Plan - Ph.4 CD
Villa Rosa - Ph.2 100% - Ph.3 25%
Mme Joa Clinic - CA 90%
Turbe Clinic - CA 100%
Rural Mapping Initiative - CD 85%

CA Construction Administration; CD Construction Documents; DD Design Development; SD Schematic Design; PD Pre-Design - About the Phases

Completed Projects

Collège Mixte Le Bon Berger - inaugurated 29 February 2012
Caravelle Clinic for MERLIN - opened 10 January 2012
Santo Community Development Plan - Ph.1 report released 17 Dec. 2011
J/P HRO Urgent Care Facility - opened 12 Dec. 2011
St. Louis de Gonzague Chemistry & Physics Building - completed 29 Nov. 2011
Ecole La Dignite - opened 07 Nov. 2011
J/P HRO École Bethesda - Phase 1 - completed 11 Oct. 2011
J/P HRO Klinik Kominote - Phase 1 - completed 09 Jun. 2011
École Ceverine - opened 12 Mar. 2011