Submission Update: 60 hours remain

Submission Update: 60 hours remain

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • May 30, 2012
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Attention Challenge Teams: We're really excited to see teams have begun posting materials online. Is everyone ready for Venice & Renzo Piano? See below to make sure your "bases" are covered:

First, a reminder (and a clarification) - be sure to upload your Competition materials NO LATER THAN 23:59:59 June 1 Pacific Daylight Time. This translates to 06:59:59 GMT June 2 (for you lucky Eastern Hemispherians), or a second before 3AM for the American East Coast.

We anticipate many teams will be working to the last minute, and strongly recommend materials be uploaded to the Project Pages as soon as they are completed - and avoid the website being really slow moments before the competition closes.

Please download this PDF illustrating a completed Project Page:

We also have some general FAQs that you might find helpful:

Entering your project: Refer to linked graphic that takes you through your project page (above).
Supplemental images: You may upload ONLY TWO supplemental images, like a rendering, etc. Sections are their own images, to be treated like elevations and plans, and are not "supplemental."
Covered in requirements? Be sure to review requirements & make sure you've covered everything. And certainly ask us any questions.

It's worth noting that your entry could be one of ten finalists TO BE FEATURED IN THE VENICE BIENNALE, arguably the world's most prestigious architecture exhibit. Also, the Renzo Piano Building Workshop has recently committed to participating on our stellar jury!

Good luck teams!

The Challenge Team