News: Keyword Resilience

News: Keyword Resilience

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • May 07, 2013
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We Think You Should See  This: The crew of Manica Football for Hope Center upon receipt of certificates for completing a structure made from Compressed Earth  Blocks
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Keyword: Resilience. Our greatest challenge moving forward is bringing our international network in touch with the skills and resources they'll need for a sustainable (and resilient) future.

We're taking architecture to the street, the steering committee, the city hall and the capitol – because it will take a range of approaches, skills, and even generations, to see positive change happen where it's most needed. An informed community is one thing - an empowered community is quite another, and we're building tools and networks for whatever interventions are needed to make our built environment worthy of the 21st Century.

Find out how this gets done in this month's newsletter – and Thank You for helping make it all happen.


YouTube: GUERRILLA GREEN Round 2 Winners - 1:25

- 1:25
Review the four leading high school design/build teams leading up to Friday's grand prize announcement.
by Guerrilla Green / AFH
Design Open Mic: Resilient Cities - 31:40

Design Open Mic: Resilient Cities
- 31:40
How Architecture for Humanity is taking leadership in making cities resilient - and what we mean by "resilience."
by Audrey & Yuko, Architecture for Humanity HQ


A dangerous combination of wisdom and beauty: the Green School Investment Guide

 How to empower the greening of American schools

In this climate, where support for pubic schools is scare and when children's health as important as ever, we worked with the USGBC to assemble realistic options and action in the comprehensive Green School Investment Guide. (We also discussed some practices in action at the Green CA Summit the other week.) Student teams are already taking action. Meet the four Guerrilla Green finalists competing to scale their sustainable strategies. Grand Prize to be announced Friday.

Community models in Bogotá.   #ilovearchitecture
Loving Architecture by localizing. Globally

Grassroots design finds support in our international Chapter network. The Bogotá Chapter is engaging at all levels of intervention, from playgrounds, libraries and housing, to regional flood resiliency plans - and finding ways to sustain themselves. San Francisco is seeing a surge of interest and projects that are spicing up discussions at their monthly rendezvous, and we're just getting started. Check back weekly to see how other cities are saying "I Love Architecture."

Summer conferences: AIA National in Denver and Dwell on Design in Los Angeles

Large Format Conversation

This Summer, find us in Denver and Los Angeles bringing the latest discussions and considerations to AIA National and Dwell on Design. Topics to include the most up-to-date work of Giving a Damn (via Design); "Leaders in the Social Impact Design Movement" (with Public Architecture); and "Can Disaster Spur Innovation." See our "High June" breakdown for more info.

Kamaishi's "Park For All" lands on a site, a sport, and a clubhouse design

Tohoku: Talking, Asking and Club(hous)ing

As land is prepared for permanent housing, discussions on rebuilding are reaching broader audiences. We were honored to participate in the JIA's Disaster Rebuilding Symposium with locals from all professions -  followed rapidly by Aki's presentation for the Design Museum Japan before a prominent review panel. A big-name collaboration released designs for a new park in Kamaishi, and Makibiz announces a new Request for Proposals to support local businesses.

Hurricane Sandy six month report and where we're focusing our efforts

Sandy & Resiliency

Last week the Sandy Team reported on the six-month mark after the great storm. We're working there and elsewhere through the lens of "resilience," a term you'll be seeing around more often. Five Chapters and AIA components collaborated on regional resiliency plans mcirogrant funding; and our full Resilient Cities presentation discusses how we interpret resilience and how we're empowering architects, planners and designers to lead the movement.

Outdoor seminar space at South East FFH centre (shown in repose)

Football for Hope program's 10th and 11th centers

The program continues to challenge the assumptions of architecture in rural Africa. The crew of the Manica Centre (Mozambique) earned certificates for completing the regions first building made from Compressed Earth Block (no certificate for repurposing railroad rails as rafters??), and the South East Centre (Botswana) explores a range of interiority for the diverse learning spaces suited to SEDYEA's teaching needs.    


All times local

MAY 08 (@AFH_HQ): Design Open Mic - 12pm -  Resiliency and Reconstruction studioMAY 15 (@AFH_HQ): Design Open Mic - 12pm - Public Spaces and Infrastructure studioMAY 16 (Miami): ABSOLUT X with Bloc Party - Agustina Woodgate - AFH MiamiMay 21-23 (London): Clerkenwell Design Week with AFH LondonMAY 22  (@AFH_HQ): Design Open Mic - 12pm - Tom Arie Donch

JUN 10-13 (Chicago): NeoConJUN 20-22 (Denver): American Institute of  Architects (AIA) National Convention with Cameron Sinclair - Rachel Minnery - Eric Cesal - AFH DenverJUN 21-23 (Los Angeles) Dwell on Design with Kate StohrNOV 07-08 (San Francisco): Design Like You Give a Damn: LIVE!NOV 09 (San Francisco): Architecture for  Humanity Chapters forum

Jobs & Volunteer Opportunities

Jobs - Dir. of Finance, San Francisco | Program Coordinator, Haiti Disaster Recovery, Port-au-Prince | Project Accountant, San Francisco

Fellowships - Football for Hope, Republique Democratique du Congo | ビジネス・コーディネーター, Japan

Internships - Development, Reconstruction and Resiliency Studio, San Francisco

Other News

The Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction Team welcomes Design Fellow Walter Zeigler (New Jersey), who will be working with the community of Seaside Heights.

In Africa, Elena Ghibaudo and Ofer Barpal join the team, working in Burundi and Zimbabwe, respectively. Darren Gill has come over from the Haiti Rebuilding Center to assume the role as Regional Program Manager of Football for Hope.

We were happy to have Jesus Porras visit headquarters from Enel Chile, and Diego Collazos stop in from Bogotá. Kate Evarts also stopped by for hand off and additional orientation to run the Haiti Rebuilding Center. Eugenia Zoubtchenko (Melbourne), Katie Wholey (Michigan), Carina Ho (San Francisco), Micah Burger (Berkeley) and Brie Smith (Berkeley) join us as the first wave of HQ summer interns.

We'd like to thank Gaurav Vashist for two great years leading the accounting team as Director of Finance. Thank you Sir, we'll see you soon!