Digging foundations in QwaQwa - South Africa

Digging foundations in QwaQwa - South Africa

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • May 08, 2012
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Finally, after long months of tendering and negotiations, construction has started at our project site in QwaQwa! The QwaQwa Football for Hope Center, is getting its foundations built right now and should be completed in early September.

The QwaQwa center is the seventh center of the Football for Hope campaign being built. Located in the Free State in South Africa, in the town of Witzieshoek, the center is part of the Thibella Sports Ground and is taking place on tribal land.

The organization LoveLife, Centre Host for the project, will use the center as a multi-purpose space to develop its activities using soccer for its behavior–change mechanism for HIV prevention.

The driving idea is to bring in a unique Centre establishment in the midst of existing community sports facilities while achieving subtleties of independence while working as a whole. The Centre placement is geared to complement while adding emphasis to existing links, public gathering spaces, and spectator areas on the site.

The Centre design is also focused towards re-use and recycling of waste materials to cut down costs, enlighten and engage community in collecting such, while ultimately doing our contribution to environmentally friendly disposal.

Design fellow George Kinuthia with consultants on site

Community Resolution meeting

Site plan

George Kinuthia started his passion in the building industry with studies in construction technology in Kenya thereafter proceeding into Architectural studies where he attained a Bachelor of Architecture at University of Port Elizabeth (U.P.E) and a Master of Architecture at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (N.M.M.U) in South Africa. He has been working independently and for practices across various cities and towns in South Africa, before starting as a Design Fellow for Architecture for Humanity.