I Love Architecture: Spring for your chapter

I Love Architecture: Spring for your chapter

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jun 10, 2013
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How do you connect an entire world of humanitarian designers and architects?

You build a network.

This year's "I Love Architecture" campaign celebrates the incredible people aligning their efforts with the Architecture for Humanity mission and designing like they mean it.

In his Valentine's letter this year, our Chief Eternal Optimist Cameron Sinclair wrote:

"[Architects'] spaces become vessels of human nature, where random collisions result in life-altering decisions. Our role is to maximize the opportunity for positive collisions to occur - in awe-inspiring; stunning; warm; connected and welcoming spaces."

And just last week, TEDx posted Eric Cesal's Simple Proposition for the Value of Design. His conclusion: the choices a designer makes affect the lives of thousands.

When we established the Chapter Network we envisioned a platform bringing tools to designers banding together locally and tackling issues in their backyards. Judging from their results to date, the Chapter Network can organize change wherever architects and designers are driven to guide it.

But it's not nearly as powerful as it could be.

Before the close of June, we aim to raise $175,000 to support the maturation of the Chapter Network and the resources we'll need to move forward, together, into a new season of architecture for humanity.

To date we've raised $70,000. To learn more about how you can join this movement, visit #iLoveArchitecture, or

"San Francisco already has a lot of design networking and advocacy groups in place - we'd like to build on those but also be able to provide practical experience. The Chapter distinguishes itself...by offering a diverse range of projects - and we feel up to any challenge whether architectural or urban design, large or small scale, and this makes our efforts and network unique."

Colleen Mohan, San Francisco

"We're transitioning to an new group of young energetic people. I was one of the five founders - I'm still around but the rest have moved on to different cities or have burned out. So I'm getting a new group going with a balanced set of skills. Right now we're about 50 percent there."

Linus Lam, Vancouver

Support this work. Ensure its longevity.