AFH Chapter Updates

AFH Chapter Updates

  • by Architecture for Humanity
  • Jun 12, 2009
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From designing recycling containers to rebuilding a school campus for women in Rwanda, the chapters are doing amazing work around the world. Here are a few examples of AFH chapter projects:

AFHNY: On May 9th 2009, AFHNY joined architects, designers, artists, and assorted kite lovers converged on Manhattan’s Riverside Park for the first annual FlyNY, an international kite design competition. The top three designs will be featured in an article in the June issue of Metropolis magazine, and all winning kites will be auctioned off at a party in Chelsea on May 28th, with proceeds benefiting Architecture for Humanity.

AFH DC: The AFH DC chapter team has been working hard towards their goal of completing Design Development drawings for the Akilah project in Rwanda. After receiving an informal design critique by two DC architects and professors, Amy Weinstein and Phil Esocoff the team has started to create a 3D model of the campus so they can further study the environmental context of the site such as solar and wind patterns.

AFH Auckland: Some have done it with bicycles. Others have done it with books. Auckland is a city of four seasons in one day. AFH Auckland sourced 100 unwanted umbrellas from around the city and redistribution to the city as a gift - a public property. On the handle of each brolly is a lanyard conveying this message and quotes about homelessness.

AFH Iowa: AFH Iowa has completed the design and installation of a PopSock that will be hung in the College of Design Forum to promote the Recycling Container Competition. The goal of the competition is to design and build a series of recycling containers that can be easily duplicated and placed across the Iowa State University Campus to collect and recycle pop bottles and cans, as well as other plastic containers and cardboard.

AFH Cleveland: AFH Cleveland will be working with the CUDC to design and construct a public space located at the corner of East 105th St. and Ashbury Ave. (once a gas station). The project has already undergone initial conversation with the local community which has asked to be presented with a design solution that can be implemented before the end of summer.